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Fun, Easter Eggs and News!

Topgun75 a posted Feb 23, 14
Missing out on Fun?
Make sure you stay in touch and active! We do random things when we get bored,
so if you want to hang with us or get a sneak peek on the server
keep an eye on the website/TS server!

When the server comes up see if you can find this!


The server will be up sometime soon .. maybe... ..
It will first be opened to people who have donated first.
So if you donated, when the time comes, make sure your on the list.

kingnicolas27 Gold YES! Cant wait for early access!The thing that im happy the most is that the people who donated still have there ranks, ...
Silver thorn wanstumEX Well ? We need to donate to get in rite, my family has no credit card man... How am I suppose to donate ? Manually ? Whe ...
ChillyNuts I'm to receive creative... right Marz? ;)

The Eleventh Hour

Topgun75 a posted Feb 11, 14
I have been getting messages from peeps like,
"Stop lying, your not building!"
"Just tell us LC is dead and stop trolling us. QQ"
         ~my favorite~
"Your just taking pictures and having gay sex with marz"

I know most are just having fun and we share good lols.

I sat up and took a picture of what I was doing this very moment in my apartment.
Besides having gay fun time with marz, I have been working on the main city and should be done in the next week or so! NPCs and traders will go in. Spawn will go in. A good chunk of the coding and plugins have been finished by Marzion.

Its coming along nicely guys.
Im very sorry for the wait and the bullshit you've had to indore.
I hope to see you guys frolic with all the ponies I'm about to spawn.........
Silver thorn wanstumEX Eye spy a throbbing dick
PredZ HOLY WASTED ALIENS WHO CREATED THE HUMAN RACE BY ACCIDENT Is that MP5 with a short 3-Lug barrel and a suppressor or a in ...
The nights have been getting worse.

The undead horde have breached the gates countless times over.
But one light shined in the darkness.

A young commander...
Taught and trained in the Legends guild, Marzion stepped forward to take
the defense of the city into is own hands.
Scouts reported a large undead army heading towards the city.
Marzion knew the only way to defeat them
was to catch them in the Sun's light.

As the rain fell most hard this night,
Marzion and his few men he had stood their ground waiting for the dead
The army drew near and with no walls to hide behind,
The men of the Legends Guild charged into the horde's ranks.

Fronted by Marzion the warriors held their ground slaying as many undead
as they could before falling themselves.

The night was long and the battle was tough.
Rain, sweat and blood drowned the field

But hope was on the horizon

Down to a hand full of men
Marzion only needed the rain to clear
and the sun to shine.

The storm departed.
The savior of man shined down on the field.
From the lone adventurer emerging from his dirt shack
to kings in their beds, the sun is always welcomed in the realm of man.
And the few brave souls of Legends Guild never enjoyed it better.

Heroes will never be around forever, who will pick up their swords
when they all fade into legend?

Beelzenef Is this like...the LC take on the Walking dead?
_Campie_ Omagerd o-o
erty80s And the award goes to........
Been building for 2 days strait. Pumped up on Oreos and Caramelldansen. WootWOOT!

Firraria you are fabulous.
Poweruas Who took le photo?
SUPERNOOB_NOOB Yayy work is being made.
XxBlazingsunxX My dick's getting wet.
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